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What does the Digital Workplace actually look like?

Published February 23, 2013 by Stephan Schillerwein

One of the most frequent questions I get from readers of our highly successful report “The Digital Workplace” (more than 1’000 registrations so far) is this: how does a Digital Workplace look like and where can I go and see one?

There of course isn’t one single answer to the first part of the question, as each Digital Workplace will be very individual to its respective company. Still many people have a hard time imaging how it would be for their company.
Intranet guru James Robertson has shared his vision of the future intranet and Digital Workplace already two years ago in presentations at various conferences around the world. This vision was so gripping that you literally could see it before your own eyes while James was talking.
Now he has put the scenarios he described in his talks into a whitepaper that is available free for download: A week in the digital workplace
A must read that also answers the second part of the question above.

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