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The i2 Summit will be an online experience!

Published September 28, 2020 by Stephan Schillerwein

The Swiss intranet and digital workplace annual conference, i2 Summit, will also be held in 2020 as a virtual event and online experience. The date is November 5, 2020 and the program is really impressive: Conference program

This year it starts in October!

In October there will be four “Conversation Cafés” in preparation for the day’s conference, in which important topics of the conference will be discussed in advance.
The event format of the online conference and accompanying sessions was also successfully tested at the sister event of the i2 Summit, the IOM Summit, which takes place every year in Germany. Over 20 so-called “iomtalks” and three online conference days were held there, which met with lively participation and discussions.

The status quo of the digital workplace

All webinars in this series about the i2 Summit are linked here: After jumping into the deep end, #DigitalWorking needs to be optimized! # i2summit20

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