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Intranet Case Studies

How do other organisations run their intranet? What do they look like? This compilation of Intranet Case Studies hopefully helps in giving some basic answer to these questions.
If you are aware of any other relevant intranet case studies please let me know and I’ll add them here. Please also get in contact if you would like to have a case study done about your intranet.

Company Case Study focusses on
Date Author
Keysight Technologies Internal Communications, feedback, sharing, interaction, engagement 10-2021 Anna Kaley (Nielsen Norman Group)
ConocoPhilips Content management processes, support for authors, content guidelines 09-2021 Anna Kaley (Nielsen Norman Group)
Leonardo Hotels [German] Mobile app, internal communication 05-2017 Hilkka Zebothsen
Velux Digital Workplace, launch video, collaboration 02-2016 Sam Marshall
Diversified Search Replacing SharePoint, quick implementation 01-2015 Intranet Connections
Rio Rancho Public Schools ROI, cost and time savings 01-2015 Intranet Connections
Pima Federal Credit Union Small company Intranet, document management, CEO Blog 07-2014 Intranet Connections
Melbourne Water (PDF) Intranet personas 09-2013 Rebecca Jackson
Sparke Helmore Lawyers (PDF) Intranet strategy, relaunch, intranet brand/personality, performance indicators 05-2014 Sharon Stockman
Barclays Bank Mobile Intranet 05-2014 Ben Parson
Dollar Finance Winner of “Best Social Intranet” 04-2014 Paula Kenyon
Siegel+Gale Quick implementation, champions, ease of use 2014 Michael Dieterle
New Seasons Market Intranet principles, culture, Social Intranet, unplugged employees, simplicity 03-2014 Erica Hakonson
City of Malmö Role and department specific content targeting 04-2014 Jesper Bylund
Milan Chamber of Commerce Leading Intranets 02-2014 Worldwide Intranet Challenge
Alcatel-Lucent Knowledge, Communities, Social Collaboration 12-2013 Marc Jadoul
Cleveland Clinic Intranet Strategy, Project Appoach, Consolidation ? Modus Associates
SOS-Kinderdorf International (German) Usage analysis, data based optimisation 2013-03 Esther Mahr
Mobiliar Insurance (German) NNG award winner, User-centered design, intranet relaunch, personalisation 2013-02 Björn Böller
MindTree System consolidation, connecting people & content 2013-01 Microsoft
Thomas Cook & Condor Intranet relaunch, Open Source AOE Media
NV-A Collaboration, Intranet Relaunch, Open Source 2012-11 Els Van der Jeught
PwC Social Collaboration, Social Networking, Communities, Recommendation Engine, Gamification, … 2013-01 Beat Knechtli, Stephan Schillerwein
American Golf (PDF) Communications, Streamline business processes (workflows, forms), communities 2012 Interact Intranet
Unilever Intranet news centre 2012-06 Institute of Internal Communications
San Diego Humane Society Intranet functions, fun& social, adoption 06-2012 Intranet Connections
Gold Coast Hospital (PDF) small intranet, forms & workflows, application builder, email reduction 2012 Intranet Connections
ANWR Intranet launch videos (in German language) 2012-11 “Ask Babett”
Major League Baseball Collaboration, Email-reduction, workflow 2012-10 Kristin Burnham
Perkins Eastman Community, Email-reduction, Sharepoint, enabling the business 2012-09 Janus Boye
Lundbeck Expertise finder, talent finder, LinkedIn-integration, rich employee profiles 2012-10 Janus Boye
Huntsworth Health Intranet Branding, Forms, Onboarding, Social Media 2012-08 Tara Clark
Judge Group Intranet Redesign, fat footers 2012-03 “J. Boye”
Queen’s University (Kingston, Canada) Intranet Relaunch, Employee Profiles 2012 Tara Clark
Misc. A collection of Intranet Launch videos 2012 Ellen van Aken
PepsiCo Social Media, Blending internal and external 2012-01 David F. Carr
BDO Danmark Killer-Apps, Time Tracking 2012-04 J. Boye
Nordea People Finder, Employee Directory 2012-01 Guy van Leemput (J. Boye)
JM Family Mobile Intranet, “Intra-Apps” 2011-03 Christine Kent
SWIFT Informationarchitecture, Card Sorting 2010-12 J. Boye
HSBC Brasil Intranet Relaunch, User-centered Design, Personas, … 2010-10 Juliana Marques, Paulo Floriano
BankWest Idea Management 2010-07 Lisa Banks
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Microblogging, Corporate Social Networking 2010-07 Sharon Gaudin
Booz Allen Hamilton Intranet 2.0 2010-05 Mark Fidelman
Bundaberg Regional Council Wiki 2010 Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base
The Commonwealth Bank Collaboration, Enterprise Social Networking, Microblogging 2010-06 Lisa Banks
DSTA Corporate Social Networking, Employee Directory, Blogs 2010-03 Kok Chuan Ng
Royal Bank of Canada Wikis 2010-03 Sandy Kemsley
Chr. Hansen A/S Intranet strategy, search, personas 2010-03 Stephan Schillerwein
Roads & Transport Authority (Dubai) New Intranet 2010-02 Press Release
North East Derbyshire District Council (UK) Relaunch, communication, promotion, improving processes 2010-02 Odyssey Interactive (vendor case study)
Ministry of Justice (UK) Design, Content, User-centered Design (in German) 2010-02 Stephan Schillerwein
Rabobank Personas (in German) 2010-02 Stephan Schillerwein
IBM Intranet Editor Community (German), Browser Toolbar (w3 toolbar) 2010-01, 2009-11 Stephan Schillerwein, James Robertson
Sprint Communications & Content Management (German) 2010-01 Stephan Schillerwein
Kantonsspital Ararau Kommunikation, interdisziplinärer Austausch (in German) 2009 Dominik Guggisberg, Nicole Scheidegger
Delta Community Credit Union Intranet Branding 2009-12
ChTPZ Mobile, SMS-service 2009-12 James Robertson
COWI Collaboration 2009-12 James Robertson
NYK Group News, wiki 2009-12 James Robertson
AEP Idea Management & Generation, Dynamic employee communication (PDF, 12MB) 2009-12, 2009-11 James Robertson, William Amurgis
Morton Hospital & Medical Center Participation, everyday applications 2009-12 Intranet Connections (vendor case study)
Motorola Microblogging, Intranet 2.0 2009-12, 2007-06
Avaya Microblogging 2009-12
SunGard (AvantGard) Expertise and skills management, “Away Today” application 2009-11, 2007 James Robertson, Dorje McKinnon
Prophet Employee performance evaluation 2009-11 James Robertson
Sabre Social Networking 2009-11 James Robertson
IDEO Collaboration, Expertise finding 2009-11 James Robertson
CRS Australia Workflow integration, dashboard, staff directory 2009-11 James Robertson
Nationale Suisse Relaunch, Migration 2009-11 Kongress Media
Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) Wiki, Corporate Wikipedia 2009-11 Dennis Busch
Wyeth MENA Requirements, success factors, user acceptance 2009-11 Worldwide Intranet Challenge
Oracle / Sun Microsystems Micro-Blogging, Blogs, Social Networks, Community Equity 2009-11 Matthias Müller-Prove
Lotterywest Usability, User-centered design (UCD), requirements gathering 2009 Glenn Williams
Forest Products Commission, Western Australia Video 2009-09 Step Two & Michael Harris
AGL Tasked-based, SharePoint, information architecture 2009-09 Andrew Wright
World Bank Collaboration 2009-09 Ian Cairns
NZ Parliament Governance, roles, responsibilites 2009-09 Dorje McKinnon
USA Federal Credit Union Employee relations, strategy 2009-08 Intranet Connections (vendor case study)
Swisscom (German) Web 2.0, Project, Integration 2009-05 Unic
Evonik (PDF, German) Information Architecture, News 2009-03 Hirschtec
Penn State Outreach Intranet Launch Promotion 2009-02 Chris McGrath
Article, , Best Buy Social Networking, Wiki, Prediction Markets, Enterprise 2.0 2008-12 Lednine
City of Casey: Case Study, Conference Presentation (PDF) Intranet Branding, Promotion 2008-12 Step Two Designs, Michael Cleland
Asklepios-Kliniken Knowledge Management, Podcasts 2008-12 Handelsblatt
NSW DPI Intranet Redesign 2008-08
Deloitte LLP, IBM, BestBuy Enterprise Social Networking 2008-08 Mary Brandel, Computerworld
Scottrade; Janssen-Cilag (PDF) Wiki, People Search 2008 StepTwo
Qimonda (PDF) Multilanguage Intranet 2008 Hannes Distler
Cisco Executive Video Messages 2007 Cisco IT
Google Search, Access 2007 Philipp Lenssen & Tony Ruscoe
Canon Australia Redesign, Requirements Analysis, Homepage, Information Architecture 2007 Patrick Kennedy
Avenue A ¦ Razorfish Wiki, Intranet 2.0 2007 Donna Jensen
Siemens Building Technologies Knowledge Management, Communitiy Building, Content Structure, Incentives 2007 Johannes Müller
Janssen-Cilaq Wiki 2007 Nathan Wallace
Manor Intranet Governance 2007 Stephan Schillerwein
General Motors Corp. Portal, Multilingual, Intranet Goals 2006 Communitelligence, Inc.
The British Council Wiki, Collaboration 2006 Maish Nichani
Bundesverwaltungsamt (PDF) Portal, Personalisation 2005 BVA, Seitenbau
St. Galler und Luzerner Kantonalbank Multitenancy 2005 Nicole Scheidegger, Marc André Hahn
FaCS, Australia Informationarchitecture, User-centred Design (UCD) 2004 Donna Maurer, Step Two
Bertelsmann AG (PDF) User Groups, Intranet Promotion Campaign 2002 dsh Duntze Saborowski Höf GmbH


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