Intranet Strategic Direction Plan

Many Intranets and Digital Workplace initiatives advance only in small, incremental steps or are even stagnating when compared to ever rising user and business expectations. The reason for this dismal situation is most often found in the lack of a strategic direction – one that actually works. If an Intranet is not successful and not providing tangible business value, then it hasn’t been properly applied to solve the right problems in an organization. Likewise, no real answers to the “why” of the Intranet exist.

Venturing beyond the “information dump”

Gone are the days when the purpose of the Intranet could easily be described as an internal communications channel and an information repository which also offered support for some simple administrative processes.
It isn’t just that the vast majority of Intranets of that type had (and still have) low user acceptance and don’t deliver much business value, but that both the possibilities and the demand has grown exponentially, especially over the last couple of years.
This means, you literally have to start from scratch when it comes to redesigning your Intranet. But how do you start “at zero” when an Intranet or Digital Workplace can be all or nothing, depending on the needs of your organisation?

Not your grandfather’s Intranet strategy

In most cases, approaching Intranet strategy in the conventional way (e.g. envisioning workshops, brainstorming, …) results in mediocre outcomes and low long-term commitment for the strategy produced. Why? Because the link between Intranet strategy (that you as an Intranet Manager care about) and business goals (that key stakeholders in your organisation care about) is weak. Also, the Intranet strategy is always centred on “the solution” (your Intranet, your Digital Workplace, your collaboration platform, etc.) instead of the real business problems it is trying to solve. Not very appealing, if you’re a line of business manager …
Here’s where the Intranet Strategic Direction Plan comes into play. In planning your future direction, we don’t do “solutioneering” (which means putting solutions instead of problemes and potentials at the center of your design process), but have a close look at where your organisation is standing today, where it should be going and what is needed to get there. And you can bet that your Intranet – as the most versatile tool to support better and more efficient ways of working – will be playing a great part in this journey.

4 steps to define your strategic direction

In order to lay out your future Intranet’s or Digital Workplace’s strategic direction, we take up to four steps together with you (depending on situation and need):

  1. Evaluating your organisation’s current capabilities in knowledge work as well as productivity loss in knowledge work using a specific questionnaire
  2. Identifying the real business problems and potentials in Value Driver Workshops
  3. Assessing what your enterprise needs to get where it wants to go by reading what stands between the lines in your business strategies, values, objectives etc.
  4. Understanding the critical success factors and obstacles for putting your plan into practice by creating success and failure scenarios

Sounds like a huge project? It is not! Most of the things outlined above are actually quite simple to find out if you take the right, pragmatic steps and follow the 80:20-rule.
So, what’s holding you back from creating the Intranet or Digital Workplace that will transform your company?
Find out more by getting in touch and requesting the Intranet Strategic Direction Plan info pack.