Intranet Redesign Projects

Whether your organisation is thinking about its first Intranet, a complete overhaul of one that has been long established, the step from an Intranet to a Digital Workplace or just an Intranet relaunch: taking the right steps and doing the right things in these steps is crucial to the success of your project and the solution you are trying to create.

A well proven, up-to-date approach

From our experience of over 100 digital projects, we have created an approach to Intranets, Social Collaboration and Digital Workplaces that makes sure that everything that should be considered will be considered – and that this done in a efficent and effective way.

Framework for Intranet Projects and Digitial Workplace ProjectsFramework for Intranet Projects and Digitial Workplace Projects
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Sailing with someone who has crossed the oceans before – many times

Even “simple Intranets” can be complex, challenging projects. There are many stakeholders that want to be involved, politics will come into your way, technology choices are everything but easy, etc. In other words: Intranets projects can easily go wrong – and many do. That’s where we are happy to come in and be of assistance.
Some examples of how we can support your Intranet redesign project, Social Collaboration programme or Digital Workplace initiative:

  • Lead or supervise the project from A to Z
  • Coach the project team to run the project on their own – with fixed control points to ensure everything is going in the right direction
  • Accompany the project based on weekly or bi-weekly workshops
  • Take a “deep dive” at the beginning of the project to get to know the project methodology, pitfalls and critical success factors
  • Consulting, advisory or hands-on support for single project steps


Tailored to your requirements

Every Intranet is unique and so is every Intranet project. Our approach takes this into account by being both comprehensive and adaptable, both structured and flexible. Our professional services reflect this as well. They will always be customised to the individual needs and situation of your company.
Find out more by getting in touch and discussing how your Intranet, Collaboration or Digital Workplace projects can be run in the best way.