Intranet & Digital Workplace Scoping Workshop

With the scope of traditional Intranets ever expanding into the much broader (but often much fuzzier) spectrum of the Digital Workplace, many organization are struggling with where and how to start. In this situation neither requirements nor high-level strategic directions come to the rescue. While the latter usually are too unspecific, the former typically loose themselves in too much detail in order for the bigger picture to shine through.

Bridging the Gap between Strategy and Technology

The “Intranet & Digital Workplace Scoping Workshop” is a method to address these issues. Based on “Value Drivers”, this instrument helps identifying what scope and future direction your Intranet and Digital Workplace initiatives should be taking on to really support business objectives.
The workshop is based on the simple principle that in order to bridge the gap that always exists between business goals and strategies on the one side and technology on the other, there needs to be something in between the two, which both can directly connect to. And that’s just what the Value Drivers do.

Talking about Problems and Potentials

The Value Drivers that are relevant for your business and your future Intranet or Digital Workplace can easily be identified by gathering today’s problems and challenges and future potentials from representatives of relevant business areas.
In contrast to gathering business needs, user requirements and (often) politically motivated desires of stakeholder groups, this approach yields results directly alligned with your organisation’s goals and objectives.
By aggregating the outcomes, the big picture will become visible, often already after even the first workshop. In comparison to traditional approaches for Intranet scoping the benefits in time saved and improved quality of the results are massive.

Low effort, rich results

Being based on a standardized approach and tools, the Scoping Workshop delivers rich outcomes from low efforts. Among the findings of the workshop you will get:

    • A prioritised list of Value Drivers that your future Intranet should support in order to help achieve business objectives

li>A Strategy Radarchart consisting of a first overview of the functional scope (building blocks) and a first assessment of the technology components required to build your Intranet or Digital Workplace

  • A first draft of a potential roadmap
  • Plus additional outcomes according to individual requirements

Find out more by getting in touch and requesting the Intranet & Digital Workplace Scoping Workshop info pack.