360° Intranet Assessment

Locating the starting point of your onward journey

Fully understanding where your organisation is standing today in regard to its Intranet activities is a prerequisite to successfully setting out to new horizons.This is where the 360° Intranet Assessment comes in.
The key drivers for finding out where you stand include:

  • The high level of complexity involved with advanced Intranets and Digital Workplaces calls for a new level of clarity and a holistic point of view
  • Increased expectations in regard to the business value an Intranet is supposed to deliver are hard to meet with conventional approaches, like, for instance, focusing on requirements
  • Alignment to business strategy becomes ever more relevant and can only be achieved when taking all aspects that an Intranet is influenced by into consideration
  • The story of broad-scoped Intranets is getting increasingly harder to understand for many stakeholders – being able to communicate the exact point that you are standing at today, as well as where your areas of strengths and weaknesses are, is an important asset in relaying that story

In order to give you the full picture, the 360° Intranet Assessment is looking a seven key areas:
360° Intranet Assessment - Assessment Areas Overview
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Unlike traditional assessments that often lead to “analysis paralysis” and a substantial mismatch between amount of work invested and documentation generated on one side and insights actually made use of on the other, our approach focuses on what an organisation really needs in order to make the right decisions to go forward. This is done by combining principles from “lean” and “design thinking” to deliver just what is essential.

Steps to full insight

In the process of the assessment nine different techniques are used to establish a 360 degree perspective of your current Intranet situation:
360° Intranet Assessment - Techniques Overview
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As an outcome of the 360° Intranet Assessment, you will get the processed results, a clear indicator of where you stand today, what is currently holding you back from achieving better results and, most importantly, specific recommendations on fields of actions that have a high impact on the future success of your Intranet initiatives.
Find out more by getting in touch and requesting the 360° Intranet Assessment info pack.

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