Das Intranet als Instrument der Markenführung

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Intranet Change Management – Kommunikation allein schafft kein Vertrauen

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Many Intranet projects and Digital Workplace initiatives still treat Change Management as a bunch of communication activities. And while communications sure is an important pillar within any change management program, it’s really just that: one pillar among several others.

Auswahl eines Intranet-Systems: wie der Kauf eines Familienautos …

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With an ever expanding functional scope of Intranets and Digital Workplaces, the evaluation and selection of the right system becomes more and more time-consuming and complex. Gone are the days when all you had to do was to choose your favourite from just one category of matching systems and when you could be sure that …

Intranets sind keine IT-Projekte – aber was sind die denn dann?

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Once upon a time Intranets were generally perceived to be IT projects. Trying to pursuade an Intranet Manager, let alone the IT department, that is isn’t so, was a though business back then. Today, the situation has changed and you can be show of an audience noding in agreement wherever you mention that an Intranet …

Collaboration – Just idle Chatter or Business-critical Core Capability?

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Even though collaboration (working together) is obviously a core capability for any organisation, it still has not really taken off in many companies. This keynote presentation from yesterday’s MatchPoint Snow Release Party looks at some of the reasons why, both from a strategic and a more operational perspective.

Optimierte Vorgehensweisen für Intranet-Projekte [DE]

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Herkömmliche IT-Projektvorgehensweisen waren noch nie ideale Ansätze für die Durchführung von Intranet-Projekten. Durch die deutliche Erweiterung von Intranets in Richtung digitaler Arbeitsplatz (“Digital Workplace”), hat sich dieses Phänomen nochmals deutlich verstärkt. Ein Intranet-Projektmanagement, das durch Wasserfall-artige Vorgehensweisen zu dicken Pflichtenheften und langwierigen Ausschreibungen führen, sind immer weniger erfolgsversprechend und noch weniger effizient.

Digital Workplace Framework – Presentation from Enterprise 2.0 Summit

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This is my presentation from the recent Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2013 in Paris that served as the basis for a discussion panel around approaches for the (technology) framework of a Digital Workplace and its challenges: http://de.slideshare.net/IntranetMatters/digital-workplace-framework

"Findability" – from isolated search functionality to organizational capability

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I’m currently re-working my slideset on “Enterprise Search and Information Architecture” for a series of seminars that will be starting next month (for German speakers, see: Kongress Media Akademie – Seminar zur Intranet-Suche). After shedding light into the current state of searching and finding in internal information systems like an Intranet (which is still really, …

Spark – taking Collaboration and Corporate Social Networking to a new Level at PwC

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Building the Digital Workplace by improving one work task at a time

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Many people are now somewhat familiar with the (basics of the) concept of the Digital Workplace (if you are new to this, you might consider reading our report on the Digital Workplace). Those who are familiar with it see the enormous potential it offers, but – quite naturally – also the effort, time and change …

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