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With a track record based upon more than 140 projects at 80+ customers in six countries we can draw from a substantial wealth of practical experience for our clients to benefit from. From a couple of hundred to a couple of hundred thousand employees, from not-for-profit to financial, from manufacturing to pharmaceutical, from raw-materials to universities, from luxury goods to logistics, from government to high-tech – the range of companies that I have been privileged to do work for is as broad as the range of projects that I have been mandated to support and execute.

Project examples:

  • Coaching for Intranets, collaboration and Digital Workplace initiatives
  • Pre-studies and business cases for Intranet evolution projects
  • System evaluations for Intranets, Digital Workplaces, collaboration solutions, enterprise search and corporate websites
  • Intranet strategies
  • Online strategies
  • Corporate website concepts
  • Digital Workplace roadmaps
  • Information Management roadmaps
  • Social Media workshops and research projects
  • Intranet consolidation support
  • Intranet governance
  • Intranet benchmarking
  • Second opinions
  • Information architectures
  • Solution concepts for Intranets
  • Knowledge Management concepts
  • Extranet concepts
  • Intranet project management

My public seminars on Intranet and search related topics have been visited by 250+ organisations, including: Siemens, Merck, UBS, Bayer, German Army, Standard Life, Swarovski, Swiss Re, PwC, AXA, Swiss Rail, Esprit, Novartis, Linde, MAN Trucks, BASF, Dr. Oetker, Roche, KPMG, British American Tobacco, International Atomic Energy Authority and many others from Europe, North America and Australia.